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VENICE VR EXPANDED 2021 has now ended.

Viveport hosted 24 of the best VR games and experiences selected by the Venice International Film Festival’s VR programmers, Liz Rosenthal, and Michel Reilhac, for this year’s virtual edition of the festival, between 1st – 19th September 2021.

The official selection included three curated sections such as ‘VR EXPANDED – In Competition’, ‘Best Of VR EXPANDED – Out of Competition’ and ‘Biennale College Cinema VR– Out of Competition’.


Join us in the exclusively created Venice VR Expanded world inside VRChat. The Venice VR virtual world, designed with the technical support of VRrOOm within VRChat, will be the festival’s hub—a fantastical virtual version of Venice and of the festival’s in-real-life VR Island Lazzaretto Vecchio, available to anyone with a VRChat account. Within the Venice VR virtual world, you can experience previews of the official selection and socialise with festival goers and artists.

Venice VR Expanded will also feature a brand-new section, the Venice VRChat Worlds Gallery, with a selection of 34 virtual worlds, celebrating the creativity of artists using VRChat as a platform to build their own fantasy worlds. Additionally, 5 special events, including live performances, will take place in 5 different VRChat virtual venues.

Venice VR Expanded 2021 by VRrOOm

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