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Hyper Festival Brazil

Dates: 27 Nov – 6 Dec

Viveport is proud to host a virtual selection of 5 VR experiences as part of the Hyper Festival Brazil 2020. The 4th edition of Hyper Brazil will take place on November 28, with the virtual selection available on Viveport from November 27 Nov to 6 Dec.

For the last four years Hyper Festival Brazil is the meeting point of the local immersive creators community and the exclusive festival for virtual reality and new media. In 2020 we decided to keep the festival alive in this online version, giving the chance of expanding to international seas bringing new content and creators to influence Latin Americans.

Here in Viveport we are exhibiting some interactive experiences selected by the Hyper Festival team so Brazilians and others can transport themselves to virtual worlds to be discovered. From 2021 Hyper Festival will be happening in other countries as well, connecting Latin America to the World in collaboration.

Hyper Festival Brazil presents a selection of VR experiences on the Viveport platform. Learn more here.

Selection available on Viveport­­­
  • Gravity VR
  • The Line
  • Still Here
  • Minimum Mass
  • 7 Miracles

Selection available on Viveport

  1. The Line
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  2. Still Here VR

  3. 7 Miracles
    Play This title is not included with your current Infinity Mobile membership.

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