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SKYLECT is the next generation collaboration & learning software that aims to promote the digital transformation of educational institutions and businesses. In a modular approach, it is intended to provide institutions and businesses with all the requisite criteria that define the ultimate learning, training, and collaboration standards.                                                                                                                  

SKYLECT is cross-platform ready enabling to leverage VR technologies and PC screen visualization, when a VR headset is not available, in an all-in-one software solution. Users can easily connect to learn, work, interact, and collaborate in sophisticated virtual environments with personalized avatars at any time and place.                  

Session participants, irrespective of their whereabouts, can synchronously join in to share and interact in a highly immersive stereoscopic virtual environment, while enjoying an unprecedented experience of common interests and aspirations. Liberated from the requirement of physical presence in a set location, geographic and demographic barriers are eliminated, while social bonds are empowered.

Build for Sharing 3D Content
Share popular 3D file formats (FBX, OBJ) in a virtual environment. You can load up and visualize multiple 3D files at the same time. Session participants can explore and manipulate the parts of 3D models.

Interactive Whiteboard
Draw on the whiteboard to facilitate knowledge acquisition and brainstorming in a variety of settings such as classrooms, boardrooms, workgroups, training sessions or coaching presentations.

3D Painting
You can unveil your creativity with 3D painting in virtual space.

Quizzes/Polls with images, videos, and sound clips
Stimulate participants with engaging quizzes and polls and discuss performance outcomes on a question-by-question basis.

Live Video Streaming
Share your webcam video streaming with everyone in the room.

Desktop Sharing
Share your monitor view with everyone in the room. Demonstration of any third party application or material is easier than ever before.
3D Avatars
Upload an image to create your personalized high-resolution 3D avatar.

Presentation Board
Demonstrate presentations (landscape/portrait PDF), videos, images, audio clips, and documents (PDF) to everyone in the room and point out areas of focus with a spotlight pointer.

Flat User Interface
Do you prefer a more conventional look on the SKYLECT interface? Not a problem. Join a session with the FlatUI option for a simplified interface experience.

Private and Public Sessions
Lock your session from external access or create a public session open for everyone and engage with the outside world.

Send your messages and questions during sessions and receive instant notifications.

Note Taking
Experience the excitement of note-taking strategy. You can take notes during a session.

Team Invitations
Create your teams and invite users to collaborate. Your team members will receive email notifications for upcoming scheduled sessions.

Session Invitations
Create public or private sessions and invite participants to your virtual rooms. 

Pull-up Banner
Upload your custom pull-up banner to show up in your sessions to increase your brand awareness.

Cross-platform Access
You can host and join a SKYLECT session from any modern PC. A dual operation for VR and non-VR usage is supported when a PC-powered VR headset is not available. Oculus Quest standalone VR headsets are supported. Android tablet devices are fully integrated, too.

Capture snapshots of your scene view and save in image format for sharing and referencing.

Institutions can launch remote delivery sessions and make distance learning courses and training widely available. Educators can apply diverse teaching modules, such as problem-based learning (PBL), and strategies for all learning styles. Being able to brainstorm and simplify complex ideas, as well as control the learning progress in real time conditions, tutors can transform each virtual session into an advanced learning experience. Trainees can ensure experiential training, enhance their career skills, and gain competitive advantages that drive career opportunities beyond conventional standards. 

Unlike the standard video-conference format, the business community and experts alike can enjoy powerful team meetings. Corporate representatives can collaborate in the virtual space with each other, freed from the need to travel and change workplaces. Also, areas of expertise, such as institutions, companies, architecture and construction businesses, can thrive as they benefit from enhanced labor efficiency and unnecessary expenditure.

As it is our aim to echo a contemporary mindset, we create versatile solutions supporting lifelong learning attitudes and career development pursuits, for the present and future. 

For more information, please visit

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