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Additional Notes

Depending on the freely selectable quality settings, connect also runs on significantly worse devices - even on a smartphone. And there is almost nothing to read, so you may not need a translation.

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Developer - connect


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connect is your immersive VR home in an exciting virtual world! You can carry it around in your pocket (smartphone), or experience it all around you in Virtual Reality (VR).

Your customizable virtual home offers VR games, different VR experiences, virtual pets, social VR, video calls, VR 360 and worldwide multimedia. With the “multimessenger” you can also reach all your friends via connect. Your secure VR home can be used in 2D, 3D or VR and offers all the facilities of a real home – only even better, because you can decorate this virtual home to your own personal taste for free!

Multimedia (Internet, Video, Audio, Print & VR)

Thanks to our free media interface, content of various big newspapers and magazines will be available to you free of charge, likewise films, TV and radio programs, streaming, YouTube, web portals & VR media (e.g. 360 VR videos). For example, you can watch YouTube videos in 360° or set them as a outlook from the virtual window.

”Multimessenger” & VR Social Network & Social VR

In the virtual organizer on your virtual desk, you can unite all your contacts from your phone book, mails and online networks (like Facebook) and reach them within connect. You can, therefore, reach more people from connect than from Facebook, even though they might not be using connect yet – because Facebook only gets one part of your new social home. connect also has its own secure messenger with video calls and sending 3D objects or stickers via chat.

Customizable VR World

Your VR home in this virtual world is customizable to the smallest detail. Customizability begins with the VR room, the furniture and accessories, and continues to the choice of view from your window (own VR 360 photos too), or your own handwriting. You can even decorate your virtual home with own or foreign art and photos. We will also offer different VR scenes or VR rooms – e.g. the Oval Office.

VR Games & Virtual Pet

Are you bored while chatting? Go and pet your virtual pet, or play some VR games (e.g. “Connect Four”) with friends. There are many different VR pets like a virtual duckling or a virtual crocodile baby. You may teach them special tricks and their behavior depends entirely on how you treat them.

Interfaces For Users & Partners

Are you fed up with having to install a new app for each separate function? Or that your favorite software is not compatible with every hardware? Have you ever been annoyed that your different circles of friends are available on various different networks?

To get rid of these unnecessary irritants it is our goal, with combined strength, to build a network which unifies all the different digital contents and features, and where the utilization and operation is as easy as possible. For this purpose we have created a platform, where our Partners – and you too! – can upload content. Our partners will be uploading, among other things, 3D models of new objects or furniture, media content such as newspapers, magazines, books, TV or radio programs, or link connect with existing messenger services. You can upload art work, photos as decoration, animated GIFs or videos, sounds, or 360° photos for an alternative view from the loft, and determine who has access to it.

Anonymous, Data Protected & End-to-End-Encrypted

Our number one aim for this new VR world is maximum data protection, anonymity and keeping the user’s personal privacy. Our own secure messenger is end-to-end encrypted. We promise that connect will stay free of charge without forced advertising, and guarantee maximum data security at the same time. As we are therefore unable to sell personal information (and do not want to, either) we started looking for alternative sources of income: We will finance our business through voluntary product placement, in-app-purchases, and virtual shopping.

connect – your Social Home – offers:

• secure, customizable, interactive, immersive VR home
• device-independent & live switch for 2D, 3D or VR
• multimedia (all media worldwide, VR media & VR 360)
• “multimessenger” (reach all friends in only one app)
• send 3D objects via chat, make video calls and enjoy realistic VR scenes
• social VR (many social VR functions, soon avatars too)
• VR games, VR pets, virtual world, VR network, VR media


Android version and alternative download possibilities

There is also an Android version in Google Play Store (search for "connect vr home"). If you don't want to use the Google Play Store, you can download the Android version from our homepage too (

Also works without VR!

You can also use connect without VR headset! It works like every "normal" 3D game too.
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

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What's New

- Enjoy YouTube videos in 360°, in cinema format or as look out of the window
- Listen to music and read magazines (new content coming in Q1 2019)
- Find secret functions and hidden objects
- Create a profile and chat with friends
- Play "Connect Four" with friends (reward for completing the tutorial from “Tutorbot”)
- Send 3D objects, exclusive stickers, photos and screenshots via chat
- Make videos and screenshots (also in 360°) and share them with friends
- Teach your radioactive baby duckling tricks (gift until 31.03.2019)
- Get a gray baby ducking if you report a bug or give feedback to “BugBot”
- Change time of day, weather, wind speed and all lighting conditions
- Furnish your loft (changing materials and furniture, exchanging pictures and outlooks)
- Change gravity (letting things levitate) and your size (tiny small vs. giant)
- Enjoy special effects (tip: take a closer look at the shelf)
- Find up to 55 hidden keys and unlock rare items

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