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Stonehenge VR SANDBOX

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A profound learning experience enjoyed by thousands of families when it originated as one of the first room scale VR exhibits in a museum. With the new SANDBOX Mode, learning possibilities are expanded for people of all ages with the ability to build, paint and create their own ancient monument.


Stonehenge VR began its journey as a profound learning experience, enjoyed by thousands of families, when it originated as one of the first room scale VR exhibits on display in a museum. The first location was the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, Washington, and the second was the Museum at Prairiefire in Overland Park, Kansas.

The Museum Mode serves as a wonderful entry point for the first time VR user. Starting with a built in tutorial, it prepares people of all ages on how to interact in virtual reality.

This VR experience includes narrated voice overs, interactivity, and animations that will give you a new appreciation for its fascinating history and beauty as you travel to the world famous prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England.


Designed to expand the experience for the home VR user, Stonehenge VR 2.0 with SANDBOX Mode puts minimal limitations on the creator allowing them to roam across the map and create virtual worlds on any scale desired. Build, paint and knock down your own version of the Stonehenge monument with motion controllers in real time. Design your own ancient monument around the original Stonehenge, or delete it and start in an empty field. 

The SANDBOX is user friendly for the beginner with many tools to discover, and three types of locomotion options for the more experienced VR user. Many additional pre-made monuments for you to explore come built in to the Stonehenge VR SANDBOX.



Stonehenge VR Museum Mode Features:
- A profound learning experience of the Neolithic monument
- Voice over guided tour of Stonehenge monument in Wiltshire England
- Witness the Winter and Summer Solstice at different points in history
- Watch the sunrise and set through the stones
- English and Mandarin Chinese translations
- Native Vive support - Room Scale
- Fully interactive
- Virtual reality camera to save images of your creations
- Created in the Unreal 4 Engine

VoyagerVR SANDBOX Features:
- A physics based creation tool for all ages
- Build own version of Neolithic monument using multiple rock models and sizes
- Paint stones endless amount of times with eight color options
- Knock down your own structures
- Three locomotion options: Fly, walk or teleport to any location on map
- Design with NVIDIA VR Works integration
- Comes with pre-made monuments to explore
- Save and share creations using the Rama Save System
- Change the time of day on the fly
- Music player with Stonehenge VR soundtrack, or custom music files


After having his mind blown by VR in 2013, and seeing how the tech could be used for education, Christian Bretz decided to change careers and went looking for financing to start his first VR project. When he wasn't able to get the financing necessary to hire a developer, he decided to teach him self how to develop VR software in the Unreal Engine using tutorials and information he found online.

Three months later he created the first version of Stonehenge VR, and less than a year after that it became one of the first room scale VR exhibits to ever be displayed in a museum. 

First was the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, WA, then the Museum at Prairiefire in Overland Park, KS. It also became a launch title for HTC’s Viveport and has been featured by many tech and media publications such as, CNet, Variety and VRScout.

Christian and his Co-Founder Jessica Villarreal design all the software, and run the business themselves all out of their home in Los Angeles, CA.

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What's New

Stonehenge 2.0.2B Update (1-5-2018)

-Fixed bug where Paintlauncher wouldn't close

Stonehenge 2.0.2 Update (12-20-2017)

New Content:

-Added SANDBOX Tutorial Mode

-New items in Voyager Playroom


-Improved Gravity Grab function

-Door shuts during tour tutorial

-Fixed VoyagerVR Spaceship brightness at end of tour

-Logo animation transition fixed

-Added titles to Tools and Items menu

Stonehenge 2.0.1 Update (10-30-2017)


-Added Nvidia Ansel Plugin - Export stereoscopic 360 photographs of SANDBOX creations

-Added Teleport Node to SANDBOX - Create your own teleportation pads anywhere in the SANDBOX

-Added New Environment Settings - Change Time of Day, Sun Angle, Sun Color, Fog Density, Fog Distance


-Fixed Vive/Oculus Touch key bindings

-Fixed power button on hovercraft

-Help in SANDBOX Mode on by default

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