Adventure Learning Inside Humans


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When you strap on the headset, you will be transported to our underwater aquatic research facility. Try not to be distracted by the fish and other creatures as you take off on an adventure inside the human body.  

Been to the jungles of Mexico before? Well, the virtual field trip visits both the jungles of Mexico and the magical Singapore Gardens as you learn about the hierarchy of multicellular organisms. Yeah, we get it:  that may not sound interesting but when you’re on a boat traveling deep into the jungle, suddenly it becomes very interesting. 

Wendy the Science Teacher explores the phenomenon of Chiropractic and the science behind its impact on your body. 

And that which is too small for the human eye to see suddenly gets very large as viruses are explored in an amazing interactive experience. If you’ve ever wondered what influenza (the flu) really looks like, now you will go toe to toe with it in your own battle. 

The stories examine the systems of the body including circulatory, reproductive, respiratory along with others. How each of these systems operates in our body is a fascinating look at the organic functions that make humans go. This trip inside the human body is like no trip you have ever experienced. So buckle yourself in and get ready for your adventure inside the human body!

-If you are going to learn biology, why not learn it in virtual reality and give your grades a boost.
-Science is fun and amazing in virtual reality.
-Wendy, the Science Teacher is the national runner-up teacher of the year and her high energy approach to teaching is shared with all who wear the headset in this unit.
-This unit is set in the VictoryVR underwater research facility. Try not to be distracted by the aquatic life swimming around as you take your adventure inside the human body.
-Travel to the jungles of Mexico and the magical Singapore Gardens we learn about multicellular organisms (yeah, it’s actually amazing to learn about).
-Battling the flu takes on a whole new meaning in this interactive virtual reality experience that makes what would normally be invisible to the human eye very large.
-Next Gen Science Standards are covered in all five experiences.
-Science comes alive for students as the story telling and immersive experiences suddenly makes science fun.

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First Vive Focus release of Adventure Learning Inside Humans

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