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Since its inception in 2003, CPH:DOX has rapidly expanded its scope and impact to become one of the world’s leading documentary film festivals. The Inter:Active programme at CPH:DOX each year takes us on a deep dive into the possibilities of immersive storytelling through VR, AR and new technologies. Together with Viveport we are proud to present the two room-scale works that can be explored at your leisure in addition to their live event versions at this year's Inter:Active.

This year's 14 selected works represent a rapidly-emerging form of Live Documentary – one-off social experiences that are different each time they are presented: each one a unique festival moment that is shared with other festival guests. The themes that we will be exploring across the selection reflect the current concerns of Climate Change, Confinement and Digital Identities. Each event is available internationally across multiple time-zones: you can arrange to meet people at a specific virtual event, stumble across old friends or make new ones as CPH:DOX Inter:Active goes Live!

Learn more about Inter:Active at CPH:DOX and see the full lineup at: www.cphdox.dk/interactive

CPH:DOX VR Selection:

  • The Smallest of Worlds by Uwe Brunner, Bettina Katja Lange, Joan Soler-Adillon
  • Camp Century by Anrick Bregman, Nicole Paglia

    Step inside Camp Century and experience a live documentary about the Cold War research base built deep under the ice of Greenland. Access to Camp Century, is via Sansar. Search for ‘Camp Century’ on Sansar to enter the world: events.sansar.com
  1. The Smallest of Worlds

    Art & Design
  2. Sansar


The Smallest of Worlds Trailer

Camp Century Trailer

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