Dodo Adventures

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TechLemon Ltd



TechLemon Ltd



Your holiday destination this year: Hamari Island. This non-violent VR adventure will give you a much-needed break from the reality. You can choose to explore a tropical island or fill tasks to further the story. 

Dodo Adventures aims to bring awareness to the human impact on planet earth and bring compassion towards extinct animal species. In the game, you need to collect items and explore surroundings. 

You will start in an office as a human being when things suddenly go wrong and an unknown person calls you. After you try to answer to the call, a portal of another world activates and you will be taken 400 years back to the time when things existed in their natural surroundings.

Explore the island by realizing who you are, collecting items, meeting a Dodo and affecting to the natural day and night cycle. In the end, you need to figure out how to get back to the office. You will figure out whether it will be a dream, a story or a meditation trip to the past.

Enjoy some music, look and listen. Feel your touch. Breath deeply.

About This Game:
Sunshine, ocean breeze, palm trees dropping fruit at my feet – my home of tranquility and beauty.
"I live on Hamari Island, today I spent my time on sandy dunes, eating figs and dates. Winters are beautiful here and full of life. Summers bring harsh storms, but I take cover in a cave with my flock and the storms pass. So, life was good, but recently there have been shining eyes in the night and noises I’ve never heard before. What are they? Could you become one of us and help me to find out what they are?"

Character profile:
- Height: ~3 feet (1 meter)
- Favorite food: Date, palm fruits
- Combat skills: Vicious bite

Dodo Adventures is a VR adventure game that can be played with Valve Index, HTC Vive devices, Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S headsets. The game is a story-based, single-player and currently under development. You can choose to solve tasks or take a meditative trip to a lost paradise. Forget your To-do list and escape to Dodo Hamari Island!

Travel to the island that once existed


- Experience a world filled with the calming, soothing sounds of nature
- Transform to something unexpected
- Explore the items that once existed
- Teleport to different locations
- Realize the story
- Collect items

The game aims to bring awareness to the impacts of human behavior.

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What's New

As requested, we added some changes to the game's starting scene. When you start the game there will be a canvas giving some info of the game.

We have updated Dodo Adventures to 1.8.4. The version can be seen when you launch Dodo Adventures with a VR -device. The version is located on a menu bar on the lower right hand corner.

We have fixed some bugs related to render order and graphics. Also, we have started the story development in the Office (the first scene when you start the game).

There is now an ending! When you finish the game and go it though, you will realize that the office has now changed. If you have visited all the places the locks are now gone and there is a new item in the office.

Now, you can also visit all of the locations separately when you start the experience.

Some new realistic food items added to the experience. We are about to replace the coconuts with the actual items that the Dodo ate 400 years ago. These include figs from Madagascar!

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