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English (United States)

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Windows 7

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Min: Intel Core Intel Core i5-4590/AMD FX 8350 Recommended:Intel Core i7-4790k equivalent or better


16 GB

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Disk Space

25 GB


Min: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, AMD Radeon RX 480- Recommended: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 or better

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Fit Reality



VIRO MOVE is an innovative adrenaline-pumping VR fitness experience that combines the excitement of VR gameplay with a real-life workout. Choose between high-intensity workouts or chillout motor skills training routines. Become a boxer, a Ninja master or a sharpshooter by destroying different kinds of obstacles that appear on the screen to the rhythm of an awesome soundtrack. Play hard, compete against the best and climb those leaderboards!

VIRO MOVE was specifically designed to provoke natural and healthy physical fitness movements across the whole body while having fun, by completing more demanding game levels, joining tournaments and climbing to the top of the global leaderboards.

VIRO MOVE not only effectively brings results of training in the gym or a fitness club, but most importantly it does so in a fun and engaging way. Whether you prefer to call it a game or a fitness workout, you’re a fitness fan or a couch potato, or whether you simply love gaming but have no time for workouts - VIRO MOVE will adapt to your specific fitness needs, abilities and current shape, over time making you healthier, stronger, fitter and ultimately happier!

Lacking the motivation to exercise but love to play games?
Good! Most probably you won’t even recognize it’s a workout. You’ll dodge, crouch, squat, jump, step, punch, swipe, beat, slice, fire and perform many other endurance moves while being immersed in the gaming experience. All to the rhythm of one of the coolest soundtracks in VR games.

Considering yourself a master of VR gaming?
How about becoming a VR Fitness Champion? Join a challenge, beat the best and battle your way into the VR Fitness World Championships.

Stats, it’s all about the stats!
We agree, as easy as you can track the gameplay stats you can also track, manage and challenge your fitness goals. We enable you to track your calorie output, monitor endurance goals and compete to be the best you can be.

I need someone to compete with.
We’ve got you covered. Join our VIRO MOVE Challenges, compete against players from all over the world, climb the VIRO leaderboards to earn your place in the yearly VR Fitness World Championships!

•	Play harder and take the VIRO Move Challenge!
As your virtual coach, we will motivate you to train harder than you ever imagined possible. When you participate in a challenge you will fight harder and longer to become a VR fitness champion and you will love every minute of it. You will engage stamina, endurance, movement, and strategic planning as you compete against the world’s best VIRO Ninjas. 

•	Watch those calories burn
As you play, every move is being tracked and analyzed using our advanced algorithm to report the number of calories burned after every game. This way your progress in the game is your real progress. Your calorie output is being calculated and analyzed by our advanced algorithm every step of the way. Your progress and historical data are available for you to manage and compare as you advance towards your fitness goals.


•	 Sharing is caring
Meeting friends? Throwing a house warming party? Share the burn in our awesome hot seat mode and check who’s the fittest, fastest and healthiest.

•	 If you do your workout, do it right
Getting fit never was so easy with approval of VIRO MOVE as a serious fitness tool from more than 1000 FIBO and IRSA sports professionals.

•	Forget about boring gym routines
Choose between swords, fists or guns to stay motivated and constantly challenge yourself.

•	Customize your VIRO MOVE experience
Earn and unlock skins as you progress through unique and unrestricted gameplay.

•	Train like a beast – look and feel like a beauty
As your virtual trainer, we will deliver regular challenges and tournaments and keep the challenges coming to help you get visible results.

•	Mix it up
If you want extraordinary results, master our mix-mode, where you can change weapons during dynamic workout gameplay.

•	Easy to start – hard to master
Whether you are a beginner or a workout junkie you’ll fit right it. Start slow with a tutorial or jump straight to the hardest levels. It’s you who decides.

•	Workout arenas
Choose from 5 different and gloriously immersive environments to stay focused and in the zone.

•	Beat it, just beat it!
Feel the beat. Let it pass through you. Experience true immersion and perfect soundtrack beat synchronization while smashing through high-quality obstacles, drones, and other targets.

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