What's New on VIVEPORT Infinity: April 2022

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What's New on VIVEPORT Infinity: April 2022

We’ve had an incredible start to 2022 with a bunch of new titles and updates on VIVEPORT Infinity, and there’s only more to come as we head into April.

Here's the full list of top games and updates that have arrived so far this year – and some huge headliners still yet to come.

New on Infinity

Wanderer, M-Theory, Oddboy | PC VR

Travel across a chaotic alternate universe to piece together mysteries left by your grandfather.

After The Fall, Vertigo Games | PC VR

This huge VR smash hit is now available on VIVEPORT Infinity - with the chance to keep it forever in your library when you sign up to Infinity Annual.

The Shore, Ares Dragonis | PC VR

Sink into this Lovecraftian mystery where you’ll face some of the strangest creatures while trying to find your lost daughter.

Paint to Pixel, MBD | PC VR

Find out all about the UK’s graffiti scene in Paint to Pixel. Explore multiple galleries covering the past six decades of graffiti and watch Graff Central station flourish with each section you cover.

Deadness, Alien Studio | PC VR

Something truly awful has happened here. Hide from the undead from the confines of your wheelchair in the spine-chillingly realistic horror.

LSD Simulator, Davis3D | PC VR

Get lost in a world of hallucinations, with detailed distortions and an equally lucid music playlist.

Train Mechanic Simulator VR, VRFabric | PC VR

Fix up nine trains types of trains including steam, electric and diesel, and strategise how you’ll repair them with the game’s unique economy system.

Squingle, Squingle Studios | Vive FLOW

This fascinatingly strange VR puzzler which sparked the imagination of PC VR players has been brilliantly adapted to the HTC Vive FLOW.

Flock, Object Normal | Vive FLOW

Guide and train birds in this curiously hypnotic classic VR experience.

Latest Updates

After the Fall - Frontrunner Season

After the Fall received its first major updates following its blockbuster launch last year with new weapons, enemies, maps and modes.

Until You Fall - Two-Handed Weapons Update

Three new two-handed behemoths have been added: Cold Iron Greataxe, Captain’s Warhammer & Fate's End.

Ragnarock - Dance Party & Gloryhammer RAID DLC Pack

Ragnarock brought new songs to bang your drums to, and also released its Gloryhammer RAID DLC pack with new songs and collectable hammer.

Everslaught - Major Update 1

This is the first haul of major features Everslaught has had, including: melee combat overhaul, new enemies, more depth to the story with audio logs to discover, and new levels and arenas.

Phasmaphobia - VR Overhaul

Phasmaphobia's entire VR system has gotten a whole new reworking with improved performance and interactions.

SURV1V3 - March Update

SURV1V3 runs a lot smoother and better with its huge performance update.

Crunch Element - Major Update

10 new stages have been added for a total of 21 maps, with major performance improvements and radio comms also added.

FOREWARNED - Zealots of Akar Update

The Zealots have been unleashed across all map variations and will be summoned in all different shapes and sizes - but be warned, facing them is no easy feat.

Open Brush - v1.0

Since its open source launch one year ago, Open Brush implemented eight new features to get your creative juices flowing.

Totally Baseball - Multiplayer Update

Go head-to-head in 1v1 or fill out the field with up to five players in Multiplayer Free Roam in this huge new update.

Coming Soon

Ultrawings 2, Bit Planet Games | PC VR

Take to the skies in five different aircraft across hundreds of hand-crafted missions, landing on VIVEPORT Infinity on April 14th.

The Atlas Mystery: A VR Puzzle Game, Top Right Corner | PC VR

Uncover the unnerving mysteries of the infamous Atlas Theatre, coming to VIVEPORT Infinity mid-April.

Warplanes: Battles over Pacific, Home Net Games | PC VR

The next chapter of the Warplanes series soars onto VIVEPORT Infinity later this month.

Unbinary, Ludact | PC VR

Unbinary is an entirely hand-painted puzzler, joining VIVEPORT Infinity later this month.

Area Man Lives, Numinous Games | PC VR

We've waited long enough for this quirky mystery title from the creators of VR classic That Dragon, Cancer, coming to VIVEPORT Infinity very soon. You'll be the radio host for an odd town in Oregon - and yes, you'll actually use voice your voice throughout the game.

Mare, Visiontrick Media | PC VR

This ICO-inspired puzzler is joining on VIVEPORT Infinity in the coming months.

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April 8, 2022
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