VR Co-op Action FPS After the Fall: A closer look at Combat and Enemies

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VR Co-op Action FPS After the Fall: A closer look at Combat and Enemies

VR Co-op Action FPS After the Fall: A closer look at Combat and Enemies

Face your undead opponents and find out how to take them out in a new video from the creators behind Arizona Sunshine

Hi Viveport fans, I’m TamTu from the Vertigo Games community team. I’m here to tell you about our biggest VR action FPS to date: the 4 player co-op After the Fall, which is coming to Viveport with full cross-platform multiplayer support.

We’ve released a new video today that shows several elements of After the Fall, such as the game world, its enemies and the combat options available to you in order to deal with them:

In After the Fall, you play as a Harvest Runner that’s scavenging through a 1980’s inspired post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. In this alternate version, hell has frozen over and all that’s left of the city are ice-covered ruins. It’s nearly 20 years after the apocalypse and LA is now infested with ferocious, once-human creatures called the Snowbreed. They have driven humanity below ground and it’s your job as a Harvest Runner to secure the survival of mankind.

With your squad of fellow Runners, you will venture out into the enemies infested terrains and go against Snowbreed in order to get the required resources that are needed for the existence of different settlements throughout LA. The more Snowbreed you take down, the more you’ll be rewarded with bigger and better weapons that make you want to go back into the monster crowded fields.

To become the ultimate Snowbreed destroyer, you’ll have to be aware of what you’re up against. In After the Fall, there are various ruthless Snowbreed who are out there to get you. Mutated beasts such as the Eater, Juggernaut and Smasher can easily overpower you if you don’t know what’s coming. So let’s have a closer look at these types of enemies to get you and your squad prepared for combat.

The Eater is an enormous, revolting Snowbreed type that will annihilate everything in its path if it explodes. Your best chance against this terrifying creature is to keep your distance and have a precise aim whenever he’s getting too close.

The Juggernaut is different from the regular Snowbreed. This hulking slab of undead muscle only has one goal: to grab and pummel you into dust. Getting hit by him is a 1-hit KO, so listen to your team and keep an eye out for him; it’s a high-priority target on your list!

The Smasher is large and highly aggressive. When these guys show up you’d better steer clear and really work together to take them out. As you progress, you’ll encounter more versions of the Smasher, but that’s all I can say for now!

Taking these enemies down requires special weapons. Luckily, we’ve got plenty of those waiting for you in After the Fall! Find resources throughout the apocalyptic wasteland and customize your personal gun of choice. It’s these weapons and your skills that will secure the survival of humanity for yet another day.

We’ve only shown you the tip of the iceberg, and there will be more information on After the Fall in the near future. For the time being, put your squad together and be sure to wishlist the game at Viveport.

Stay frosty! TamTu, out.
Community Manager @ Vertigo Games

June 3, 2021
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