Awaken Your Wild Side - Beat the Drums of Ragnarock Like a True Viking Warrior in VR

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Awaken Your Wild Side - Beat the Drums of Ragnarock Like a True Viking Warrior in VR

Awaken Your Wild Side - Beat the Drums of Ragnarock Like a True Viking Warrior in VR

Author: Travis Lin

I wouldn’t say that I’m a Jobs fan, but “Creativity is just connecting things.” really hits home. Life-changing innovations are not created from nothing. Rather, they are ingenious yet reasonable deconstructions/reconstructions of existing concepts. Like Picasso once said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.”

A recent addition to VIVEPORT, Ragnarock, is an example of such an innovation!

Beat the blues…Viking style!

Ragnarock is a VR rhythm game that combines Nordic Vikings and epic music. As a (former) drummer, I can safely say that I’ve dominated this game, which is just like the VR version of Taiko No Tatsuji. I learned about a new low-poly Viking title by French game developer, Wanadev Studio, based on the Unreal Engine. Despite lacking the ferocity typically associated with Scandinavian pirates, Ragnarock managed to climb the ranks in becoming a finalist for the VR Game of the Year at last year’s VR Awards.

The name, Ragnarock, is a portmanteau between “Ragnarök” of Nordic mythology and “rock.” The name immediately clicked when I saw it. If you’re a fan of Thor and Vikings like me, then images of Odin, Thor, Loki, Valhalla, and Bifrost should be racing through your mind right about now. Upon entering the game, you are introduced to the warrior protagonist wearing Fenrir as a headdress and holding what looks like Mjölnir made from wooden barrels. I was beside myself with excitement. I get to play as a Viking warrior!

A rhythm game with dual pedals is hard to come by! (Source: Viveport)

There are only two types of people in this world: those with rhythm and those without. For me, what I have in rhythm, I lack in coordination. Games like Beat Saber and Synth Riders are fun to play, but I’m pretty sure I’m no fun to watch. Nevertheless, I have no trouble at all playing a Viking captain/drummer/berserker in Ragnarock.

I use both hands to swing my hammers to blood-pumping Celtic rock and Viking metal, smashing runes hurling towards my longboat and releasing lightning as they disintegrate into a thousand pieces. With sweat rolling down my back, I raise a flag and let out a rallying cry to raise the morale of my warrior companions. I also cast a passive buff to glide further along the water and closer to our testosterone-filled (?) victory!

Rock to beat of thunder and lightning. It’s electrifying! (Source: Viveport)

As a musician, I’ve come to realize that making a rhythm game out of your music is a perfect way to promote it! Before playing Ragnarock, I’d never been particularly interested in Nordic rock, but now, I can't get it out of my head. Blending rich Nordic culture, mythology, music, and art into a faced-paced VR rhythm game is seriously potent and highly addictive.

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January 26, 2022
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