Final Assault

Phaser Lock Interactive
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Phaser Lock Interactive



Phaser Lock Interactive



FULL LAUNCH- Final Assault is an action packed, WWII themed RTS built from the ground up to capitalize on the power of VR. Tower over the battlefield as war rages around you in 360 degrees. Command jeeps, tanks, and artillery in massive ground battles as the skies erupt in bullets, flak and dynamic dog fights. Execute air strikes and bombing runs as you advance your troops towards enemy territory. Control your units by drawing paths for precise, direct combat. Strategic decisions have consequences that require quick thinking and fast VR reflexes. This new approach to classic RTS gaming utilizes compelling and immersive gameplay that can only exist in VR. Jump into the combat. Fight the battle, Win the War!
Modes: Campaign mode, PVE and PVP-Unlimited
Cross Platform PVP-Vive and Oculus with future support for PlaystationVR. 
12 unique PvP maps
2 Starting Factions - USA & Germany
6 different Faction Divisions
ALLIES: Jeep, Infantry troop Truck, Bazooka troop truck, Mortar troop truck, Anti-air, Sherman Tanks, Tiger Tank, Flame Tank, Anti-Tank Gun, Calliope, P47 Thunderbolt, P-38 Lightning, Heavy Bomber
AXIS: Motorcycle, Infantry Troop Halftrack, Machine Gun Halftrack, Bazooka Troop Halftrack, Walking Stuka, Panzer Tank, Hummel Artillery, Hetzer Tank Destroyer, Wirbelwind Anti-air, Dive Bomber, BF-109 Fighter, Medium Bomber, Tiger Tank, V2 Rocket.
Future expansions and DLC
Leader-boards and Achievements
Customization of Units, Flags, and Player Avatars


TUTORIAL: The tutorial has been expanded to explain more game features, including artillery, anti-tank guns, troop trucks, and the pullout tabs on the clipboard.
NEW SKIRMISH MAPS: At the end of the Skirmish campaigns players will play on one of two unique maps: Berghof or Breckon Harbor.
CAMPAIGN: All Campaign Story Modes are now available! All 6 Commanders have their own Story Campaign to play through.
CUSTOMIZATION: Customize your units, gloves, hats and even your own battle flag!

DIFFICULTY LEVELS: Difficulty settings for the campaign objectives have been tweaked to more accurately reflect the player's chosen difficulty settings.

DRAG SPEED: New options for drag momentum have been implemented.
LEADERBOARS: The Leaderboard has been reset.

ACHIEVEMENT: Now all  achievements are unlocked
We are excited to get you into the battle, but we also know that we still have some work to do. 
KNOWN ISSUES: There are a few known issues that we are working on, such as units sometimes firing across the map, and units sometimes teleporting to their spawn location instead of driving their from the HQ. These are currently being looked into, and should be fixed soon.

AI: We feel that the AI is at a really good spot right now, but will be constantly learning and growing as we move forward. Through your comments and suggestions it will only get better and offer more variety in the single player matches.

PATHING: We are constantly testing and watching our discord for any pathing issues that may arise on various maps. As the game progresses, these issues will arise and we will address them as fast as we can.

NOTE FROM THE DEVS: Thank you to everyone that has been with us from the beginning of Final Assault. It has been a long and fun journey that we could not have accomplished without your support and participation in our Beta and Early Access. Please know that this is only the beginning for Final Assault. We have laid the groundwork with your help and input, the game will only get bigger and better! We have every intention of supporting and expanding Final Assault, from DLCs to ESports and beyond! Thank you for joining our army and we hope you enjoy Final Assault as much as we enjoyed making it! Now get back on the battlefield soldier, this here is WAR!

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What's New

Bug Fixes & Balance Changes
See in Game Patch Notes for more Details

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