Riley Short: Analog Boy - Episode 1
boxmythReleased Jul 2017

boxmythReleased Jul 2017


This is the story of a kid who doesn’t fit in.
Hovering cars, sentient refrigerators, robots living alongside humans, and Riley can’t touch any of it.
You are Riley Short, a weird little brother who shorts out any electronics he touches in his near-future world, and you’re out for revenge in your older sister’s room. With your family’s refrigerator, Fridge, egging you on, you will ransack Clarice Short’s room to find electronic items to short out in the name of little-brotherly vengeance. 

• Featuring the vocal talents of Mela Lee as Clarice Short & Paul Rugg as Fridge
• Characters designs by webcomic artist Andy Klute 
• Original music to get you in the shorting mood.
• Frantic arcade mode: Riley Rush.
• Powered by VRTK – Virtual Reality Toolkit
• Includes fancy original animation sequences the way it should always be: in glorious 2D
• Your Vive Controllers become the grabby hands of Riley. Do be careful
• Riley can “dash” around (Vive Touchpad) if your play space is confined, or you can walk about as normal if you happen to be play-area-blessed
• 2 rather awesome hidden areas

Recommended Vive volume: 50%

What's New

Added Fridge. Minor fixes.

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