Asteroid Blaster VR

Senomix Software Inc.Released Nov 2016
Senomix Software Inc.Released Nov 2016


Grab your laser guns and strap on your jet pack. Asteroid Blaster VR lets you jump into virtual reality space and start blowing up rocks and UFOs.

Blast giant asteroids into rubble and power-up your weapons and energy with collectible bonuses as you battle flying saucers in the clouds of rocky debris. Boost your score and firepower with every gem and gadget you catch, but watch your thruster, shield and laser energy!

Bringing back the casual feel of a video arcade classic, a game of Asteroid Blaster VR can deliver a quick "shoot 'em up" break or a marathon competition to beat the latest high score.

Friendly for lefties, you can set your rocket thrust, laser pointer and status screen on the controller arms you prefer, and an in-game tutorial will give everything you need to start blasting your way through over a dozen different scenes.

Fly around, shoot stuff and have fun with Asteroid Blaster VR! 

Arcade Mode:

In addition to progressing through different asteroid waves and scenes, Asteroid Blaster VR can also be started in 'Arcade Mode'.

Arcade Mode sets the player in a slow-paced game environment which grows progressively more difficult as time passes. If you want to let your friends jump right in to virtual reality and start blasting without going through a tutorial first, Arcade Mode is for you!

Two paths are available for starting your Asteroid Blaster VR game in Arcade Mode:

Open your Start On Wave screen and select wave "00 - Arcade Mode".


Open your Options screen and toggle the Start in Arcade Mode option on. That will set your main menu Start button to launch your game in Arcade Mode (rather than on Wave 1).

What's New

- The Start button is now set to launch your game in "Arcade Mode" by default.  Arcade Mode provides you with an infinite-length level with progressive difficulty.

You can toggle your default back to "Wave Mode" in your game options if you would prefer to start things off on the first game wave, or you can just launch the wave of interest to you from your "Start on Wave" screen.

- You'll see bonus power-ups waiting to be collected at the start of Arcade Mode and Wave 1.  Those power-ups will let you get a quick bonus to your weapon strength, maximum shield and health if collected.

- Power-ups now stick around a little longer on game start, though they'll disappear quicker later on in your game (unless the 'bonus time' power-up is collected).

- Weapon power-ups now appear more frequently.

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