Think Space
Funly, LLCReleased Oct 2016

Think Space
Think Space
Funly, LLCReleased Oct 2016


Think Space is a brainstorming and remote collaboration app for virtual reality. 

You can create unlimited whiteboards and work from a beautiful tropical beach or desert. All whiteboards can be saved and exported, so  that you can easily share your work or edit it later.

- Start or join multiuser meetings.
- Built-in voice chat during meetings.
- Work in 2 different scenes; Island or Desert.
- Save and open documents from within VR.
- All whiteboards are exported to SVG image format for sharing. (viewable in all web browsers)
- Draw with smooth vector graphics in VR.
- Select from 4 different marker colors.
- Erase text with eraser tool.
- Add boards into scene.
- Move boards around scene.
- Walk around scene using teleportation.

What's New

Haptic Feedback Added!

Today we released version 5 of Think Space which brings in "Haptic Feedback" (aka buzz vibration) for when you touch the whiteboard. Adding this sensation makes it much easier to write quickly since you can actually feel the pen bump against the board.

We also made some improvements to the writing system to make it easier to write lots of text without needing to pull the trigger for every character or line. You can now simply hold down the trigger, and lift your hand like you would with a normal marker. The haptic feedback plays an important role here since you'll feel a small buzz when you hand is in contact with the board and also when it leaves the board (so you know you lifted your hand high enough). 

Here some features
- Haptic feedback for all board tools.
- Ability hold down trigger for continuous writing with hand lifting.
- Added seagull sounds
- Lowered the volume of the ocean sounds.

Keep that feedback coming!

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