Hyperbook Studio (Blue Technology Sp. z o.o.)Released Dec 2017
Hyperbook Studio (Blue Technology Sp. z o.o.)Released Dec 2017


REGENESIS Arcade DELUXE is a dynamic, futuristic action game designed for VR technology. Fight against subsequent waves of various drones and powerful bosses. Their advanced Artificial Intelligence forces the use of diverse tactics and tools, as well as advanced physics of the environment. Use a variety of weapons, including Gravity Gun, that allows you to manipulate your surroundings, to survive as long as possible.

After many years of hibernation, the player wakes up in a world that looks completely different from the planet of his memories. Over the years, the earth has been taken over by various factions of robots. Some of them are ready to help, but others have one goal: to eliminate the last man at any cost.

Game features:
- Demanding Action Arcade mode, with never-ending waves of enemies
- Unique weapons, including a physics-based Gravity Gun
- Several enemy types with different special abilities and behaviors based on advanced AI
- Dynamic and addictive gameplay
- Cool companion robot to make sure you don’t feel lonely
- Full support for the HTC Vive

DELUXE version includes more features especially in ARCADE mode:
More enemies including variations of small RECON SPIDERS
8 powerups (including TURRET SUPPORT)
6 arcade maps
3 types of turrets (GATLING, PLASMA and ROCKET TURRET)
26 weapon perks to unlock
Global ranking and leaderboards

and even much more will come in future updates...
The new DELUXE features will be continually developed throughout the entire Early Access period. We listen to players and we want to choose the best ideas of the community, so we encourage you to share your ideas and thoughts.  Enjoy!

Few words about us:
Hyperbook Studio is the independent software department of the Polish Hyperbook Studio company, which produces top-tier computers and some of the most powerful and efficient notebooks for business and entertainment. REGENESIS Arcade is our debut VR experience. Hyperbook Studio uses Hyperbook high performance technologies to create the best VR applications.

What's New

With this update come several fixes and changes:

FEATURE: we added special spawner in front of player starting location that will spawn powerup, barrel or exploding barrel on beginning of every wave.
CRITICAL FIX: different boss types will now appear properly, as most of the time it was the same guy over and over.
- double damage works now properly with railgun,
- Piercing Shots perk will actually pierce targets now,
- level music will now properly reset after the boss fight,
- drones will not crash into one another so often,
- rebalanced point systems.

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