The Price of Freedom
Construct StudioReleased Dec 2016

Construct StudioReleased Dec 2016


Ask not what this country can do for you

January, 1960. The US is deep in Cold War with Russia, and nuclear war seems eminent, when Benjamin Miller breaks into CIA research facilities, stealing valuable Chemical Weapons research. Your mission: assassinate Miller and protect this information from falling into enemy hands. What seems like a straight forward mission soon takes a dark turn as you learn the truth behind Miller's motives.
Become part of the story in this thrilling interactive Room-Scale VR narrative, inspired by true events.

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Presented by 
Construct Studio

Directed by
Joel Ogden

Produced by
Chuck Tsung-Han Lee

Written by
Amy Stewart
Joel Ogden

Original Composition and Sound Direction by
Larry Chang

Cinematics by
Ralston Louie

Christopher Sabat
Jason Douglas

Amy Stewart
Nigel Randall
Ralston Louie

3D Art & Art Lead
Joel Ogden

Rui Trindade

Character Art
Benjamin Miller

Han Liu
Jimmy Trujillo

Concept Art
Wenyu Jiang
Tina Tingwen Liao
Additional Programming
Brentt Kasmiskie
Rahul Nagarkar

Photo Credits
Gail Newport Stewart
Priscilla Newport Mabe
John Newport
Ruby Newport
Rod Newport

Special thanks
Carl Rosendahl
Tony Parisi
Will Mason

What's New

We are releasing our first major update to The Price of Freedom. You can now play through the experience in Chinese by selecting a pill in the beginning. The Chinese version offers full translation of text and audio into Mandarin.

In addition there have been several bug fixes and improvements to the overall experience:

-Mouth colliders have been made more accurate
-It is now easier to pick up dropped object from the floor
-Fixed misaligned grips on the vase shards
-Letters and folders stay open when read
-Fixed a bug that caused the gun to not reappear if the player shoots themselves during the assassination
-Collisions in the desk are are more accurate
-The statue now opens with a simple trigger
-The color of the statue button and light has been changed to blue to increase visibility
-You can now remove the tape reel from the player
-The reel plays by pressing the button, instead of touching  the whole reel
-Graphical improvements


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