Linden LabReleased Mar 2018

Linden LabReleased Mar 2018


Immerse yourself in the world’s leading social VR platform. Customize your avatar and explore thousands of spaces with friends from around the world, attend live streaming watch parties, host events, and easily create mind blowing spaces to hang out in. 

Want to share your experience with your friends or followers?  Sansar makes it easy to share a link and invite entire communities to come socialize in personalized spaces.

If you’re looking for ways to earn money in the virtual space, Sansar is also the place to come to sell your creations on our popular store and earn real money.

Come on in and enjoy the wild ride!

Socialize & Attend Events

Create your avatar and hang with others from the community or bring in friends you already know. There's never a dull moment, always cool experiences to explore or live events to attend. 

Detailed avatars with speech-driven facial animations and motion-driven body animations offer users a truly social experience.

Create Your Own Experience

Import .fbx files from popular 3D modeling tools like Maya, Blender, and 3ds Max. Expand your creative inventory with additional assets from the Store.  Lay out your scene in VR or desktop mode, and enhance your creation with interactive lighting, spatial audio, and C# scripting.

Share with Your Audience

Click a button to turn your creation into a hosted, multi-user experience for PC, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive users.

Reach your audience as easily as sharing a link. Distribute your link publicly or share your experience privately - the choice is yours.

Earn from Your Creations

Sell original 3D models, C# scripts, audio files, and other content in the Sansar Store.

Meet the Community and More info

Create an account and join our discord channel to meet the community and get all the latest release info! For any questions reach out to

What's New

Initial Sansar Viveport release.  

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