Dwingle B.O.T

XXIIReleased Jun 2017
XXIIReleased Jun 2017


Start at the dawn of the day, in a closed room. Build Bot from scratch, your only companion for the entire game.
Achieve tasks and games, resolve enigmas like in an escape room and reach the goal to move on to another day.
Each day has a different objective and achievements to realize, until the end of this first episode. 

The experience will be different for each player, as Bot’s mood changes and adapts depending on how you interact. A lot can happen, and each experience is unique!


We are an independent studio, we need you and your feedback to help us resolve some possible bugs.
We hope you're going to have fun and enjoy playing Dwingle. Now let's work on the next episodes.

Thank you!

What's New

* Oculus Rift supported
* Visualisation on the camera position in VR for Oculus Rift

* Optimization memory allocation

* Fix pizza physics
* Fix instantiation of fuse
* Fix infinite loop on Bot reaction
* Fix Bot blocked on day 3
* Fix Bot blocked on day 5
* And a lot of minor bugs

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