Stonehenge VR

VoyagerVRReleased Sep 2016
VoyagerVRReleased Sep 2016


Stonehenge VR is a virtual reality educational experience where you travel to the world famous prehistoric monument in Wiltshire England. This VR experience includes narrated voice overs and animations that will give you new appreciation for its fascinating history and beauty.

What's New


V 1.22 (Current)
Fixed launch crash bug with AMD and Intel graphics cards

V 1.21
[NVIDIA VRWorks Integration]
+Multi-Res Shading
+Single Pass Stereo

[Performance Improvements]
+Higher Super Sampling Options
+Fixed Texture Streaming Bug

[Interface Optimizations]
+Video Settings Indicators
+All trilithons can be stood on in Free Roam
+Teleport Nodes have larger hit area

[Lighting & Animation Tweaks]

V 1.1 (Current)
[Simplified Chinese Localization]

V 1.0
[Menu System]
+Map Selection
+Video Settings

[New Maps]
+Opening Menu
+Opening Logo
+Voyager Play Room
+Stonehenge VR Free Roam

[Teleportation Mechanic]

V .75
Original Museum Exhibit
Training and Tour Only

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