炫酷空间Released Dec 2017

炫酷空间Released Dec 2017


This game is based on the Unity3D game development engine production of VR games, using SteamVR, VRTK plugin.
This is a full of the spirit world, the 14 year old actor Boke lived in a far away from the mainland on the island, he dreams of becoming a great summoner, so he decided to challenge the Island Road Museum in the main hall, widely recognized, to realize his dream......

The game is VR experience, rich play, human-computer interaction, good playability, integrated collection, formation, role play and other game modes. UI game interface beautiful cool, cool game player give visual experience.

The player moves the main character in the normal scene, the elf chooses,There are five attributes of the player in the common scene, the operation of the leading role and the choice of the spirit. There are hirty attributes of the hall. Game player can not only choose their own eggs, choose collocation wizard, can also watch the eggs hatch, the birth of the elves.
Players in combat scenes control the release of wizard skills, choose the order of elves, multiple skills effect to enrich the visual experience, skill release depends on the success of the player's own operation, defeating the five wizard summoners, you can successfully challenge.
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What's New

1.Complete start scene UI
2.Cmplete fight scene
3.Fixed issues with GameOver Result 
4.The whole game optimization
5.Complete Fighting Music

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