Get Beached VR
InkBit CollectiveReleased Feb 2018

Get Beached VR
Get Beached VR
InkBit CollectiveReleased Feb 2018


Take a moment to unplug yourself from reality, and plug yourself into your own personal relaxation island in Get Beached VR.

Spend your leisure time doing what you actually enjoy, like long walks on the beach, skipping stones, and getting sandy.
See how many times you can skip a stone and compare with your friends.
If that sounds a little too full on for you, then consider relaxing with some mindful meditation, drawing in the sand, or simply listening to the sounds of the ocean.

Also featuring:
- A magic conch.
- Coconuts.
- A mai tai.
- Wilson!

Jackson Wong - Art
Elliot Collis - Programming

Special Thanks:
Allan Xia
Peter Emery
Marc Wacker
Rafa Miguel

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