Innervision GamesReleased Apr 2017
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Innervision GamesReleased Apr 2017
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NOTE: This is a short 15-minute experience so please be aware of this before making your purchase. We will be adding additional content as it becomes available and may adjust our pricing to reflect the additional value. Existing users will not have to pay for additional content. 


Awarded "The Best VR Experience of 2016" at the Unity Vision Summit Awards in Hollywood, Thunderbird is an interactive VR adventure designed to showcase the true potential of room-scale VR.

Using natural hand interactions to manipulate physics-based objects, players will begin to uncover the secrets of a hidden realm in this introductory Thunderbird experience created by InnervisionVR.

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Room-scale Mode:

Designed to showcase the freedom of room-scale VR, Thunderbird utilizes walking as a natural form of locomotion which effectively eliminates 99% of motion-sickness-related issues. (NOTE: 3.6m x 2m required for full room-scale mode.)

Standing Mode:

For those who lack the space for room-scale VR, a teleportation feature provided to offer a full 360' standing mode. (NOTE: 1m x 1m required for standing mode.)


"It's an extraordinary experience just being there. It's incredible!" - Jeff Cannata / CNET

“In the twenty minutes or so I spent in Thunderbird were among the best I have spent in VR. The experience hits on everything that makes the medium so incredible.” - Will Mason / UploadVR

“I played through it a few times to capture this footage, and I'm hooked. I want more.” -Ben Kuchera / Polygon

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