Drone Fighters

SurrealVRReleased Apr 2017
SurrealVRReleased Apr 2017


Arcade style drone fights in VR! Customize your fighter, arm your battle hungry drones with awesome weapons and dominate your opponents in epic cage fights set in futuristic arenas. 

- 18 solo games to master
- Unlock drones and weapons as you go!
- Build your unique fighter avatar and drone with the SurrealVR customization system
- Versus fights against your friends and foes from all over the world, with real time voice chat
- Unlimited fun against players from all over the world.
- Unique game with a custom control system optimized for VR. 
- Cross platform VR gameplay between Vive and Oculus.

Learn, master and show off your skills. Practice, practice, practice... 

It's not easy to become the top Drone Fighter.

What's New


Mixed reality support added -- we want to see videos of you shooting those drones everywhere!

Compatibility with the new SurrealVR 3.0 version -- get more points to customize your avatar by downloading the free SurrealVR!

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