Nature Treks VR

GreenergamesReleased May 2017
GreenergamesReleased May 2017


Create a forest full of fireflies, a serene meadow or an ancient stone circle, command the weather or take control of the night with simple, intuitive actions using the HTC Vive motion controls.

Escape into a world of peace, calm and relaxation. Watch your surroundings react to the soundscape or play without music to experience the soothing sounds of nature all around you. Nature Treks VR is alive with animals, birds and other life.


• Create and shape your own world using the HTC Vive motion controllers

• Control weather and time of day

• Explore eight breathtaking color themed environments with over 250 locations, across 5km2

• Each environment has been carefully crafted to influence specific emotional states

• Elements within the environments react procedurally to the audio, combining, to create a powerful, emotional effect

• Turn off the music and experience a world filled with the calming, soothing sounds of nature

• Discover Birds, Butterflies, Rabbits, Stags, Fish, Whales, Foxes, Boars, Bears and more...

What's New

Weather effects toggles are now persistent
Time of day toggles are now persistent
Lotus Meditation Enclosure toggle is now persistent

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