Reaping Rewards
Limitless Ltd.Released Jun 2017

Limitless Ltd.Released Jun 2017


Reaping Rewards is an interactive VR experience where you train as an apprentice to a Grim Reaper. As you embark on your first day of training, your mentor teaches you how to bring peace to those who have been chosen to leave this world.  But just when it seems like mercy is an easy thing to offer, your mentor gives you an unexpected, difficult choice to make that will determine your own final fate.

Written and directed by filmmaker Matthew Ward, Reaping Rewards is a truly unique experience about life and death which can only be experienced in VR. Built in the Limitless VR Creative Environment from Limitless Ltd. (the makers of Gary the Gull), Reaping Rewards uses motion controllers to make emotional choices that drive how the story unfolds.

When given the choice… how will you choose?

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