vDesign Kitchen Experience
YCVRReleased Feb 2017

YCVRReleased Feb 2017


A collaboration work between world-class designers and vDesign’s architectural visualization experts.  This interactive kitchen experience allows you to look at a designer kitchen under different lighting conditions, switch between different styles or mix and match different finishes.  Selected items, drawers and cabinet doors can be opened or moved.  Trying turning on the water and wash a dirty dish, or even smash a glass bottle on the floor to let some steam off.  VR shopping is also available, buy everything you see simply by scanning your Wechat or Alipay payment QR code…but don’t worry, this free demo will not actually charge your account…we promise!  visit: ycvr.com for full instructions.

What's New

This is an initial build of our vDesign Kitchen Experience, the user interface is based on icons and simplified Chinese, a bilingual version is to follow.  There is a button on the top left corn of your computer monitor; it toggles between high performance and high visual effect.  We tested the high performance mode using the following system (i7 6700K, 16G DDR4, GTX 1070), in some instants it drops a few frames below 90FPS, but overall you get a pretty smooth VR interactive experience.Some known issues include: some small items on the table top are missing colliders, drawers will not follow controller if it is whipped around to fast; we are working hard to address them along with improving frame rates.  As the inventory and pricing information are synced in real time from our server in Hongkong, this function requires internet connectivity.  For full instructions please visit our website: ycvr.com/support.  We would also love to have your feedback, please email us at: support@ycvr.com

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