SynaptixGamesReleased Aug 2017
SynaptixGamesReleased Aug 2017


Clazer is a simulation that allows you to experience the art of sport shooting from the comfort and convenience of virtual reality. As soon as you don the head gear, you are transported to authentic environments with real shotgun physics. You aim your shotgun, pull the trigger, and blast the clay! 

Clazer uses technology, patented by LeadTech, that teaches you the proper way to lead a target so you can accurately hit it. Real physics are integrated that actually simulate the ballistics of various types of shot. Professional sport shooters have already provided enthusiastic feedback. Clazer is so accurate that it will improve your ability to shoot real targets using an actual shotgun.

Clazer includes three separate sport shooting types: 
Five Stand Sporting Clays

You have access to a practice mode that helps to better visualize missed shot trajectory. Competition modes for Skeet, Trap, and Five Stand integrate professional rules and guidelines. 

Coming Soon: 
LeadTech is working on a solution that will support the use of peripheral guns and real guns in Clazer - In VR! 

What's New

- Updated Clazer to latest SteamVR libraries  (Fixed input issues blocking gun pickup)

- Added Perfect Game cumulative Leaderboard 

- Updated Leaderboard scrolling (Vive controller touch-pad)

- Ballistic adjustments

- Clay physics adjustments

- Competition mode updates

- Minor bug fixes

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