Firebird - La Peri

Innerspace VR FranceReleased Apr 2016
Innerspace VR FranceReleased Apr 2016


Viveport Developer Award 2017: Experience 3rd Place

Enter a realm of enchantment with Firebird - La Péri, and play the role of Iskender, a prince seeking the "flower of immortality". As you try to take possession of the precious flower, the guardian animal spirits appear. Try to get the petals of the flower from them, and awaken La Péri, a mesmerizing feminine silhouette covered in light. Her dance will dazzle you, but will you be moved by her ? Will you let the Péri live ?

“La Péri” is a beautiful and mind blowing VR experience based on classical music and ballet by french classical composer Paul Dukas. It relies on the Vive's hand controllers, and will enable you to interact directly with the characters and creatures which populate this world. You will appear on the stage, visit the ethereal world of La Péri, and witness this magical and poetic encounter as one of the characters.

In this unique and visually stunning production by the award-winning french VR studio Innerspace, choreography, music, story-line and the most high-end technology will merge into one, producing an extraordinary audio-visual experience.

Duration : 15 minutes
Languages : Mandarin, English, French
Interactivity : Yes

What's New

Updated: Desk Mode implementation + new visual effects

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