Immersion Sp. z o.o.Released Oct 2017

Immersion Sp. z o.o.Released Oct 2017


TrueScale is a groundbreaking interior design tool that can simultaneously create 2D floor plans, 3D mockups, and full room-scale environments in VR. With TrueScale, anyone can design their house, office or apartment in minutes, and then virtually experience it first-hand in real scale. Additionally, this particular version of TrueScale leverages Wayfair’s 3D model API, enabling users to furnish their designs from a robust catalog of actual furniture and décor. 

As the user creates, the app automatically generates a replicated 3D environment so that they can instantly be transported into their designs using a VR headset. By entering the real scale model, users gain a sense of depth that cannot be achieved through traditional renders, and with Vive’s room-scale technology, users have the freedom to walk around and explore a design space while making changes in real time. Using VR in this stage of the design process allows the user to gain a realistic picture of the final design as opposed to relying on their imagination, blueprints or story boards.

What's New

- added highlight effect to objects selected to delete
- added animation to save activity to highlight confirmation tab
- added pressed/active button animation to UI

Bug fixes:
- fixed issue when save wouldn't work if cover photo was corrupted
- fixed issue when doors and windows scale weren't saved correctly
- fixed minor UI issues

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