Travel VR
Little Maxima LLCReleased Nov 2017

Little Maxima LLCReleased Nov 2017


My friend Damia, recently went on a trip around the world. She started in Australia and went around China, Nepal, India, South Korea, Indonesia and few other countries.

She learned about people's struggles, experienced life with the locals and learned about their culture. Seeing her Facebook posts inspired me. I was pumped to do the same!

The only problem was that all I had was 100 bucks in my bank account and an Vive.
That’s why I decided to build an app which would let me travel in VR.

Presenting ‘Travel VR’!

Music by the acclaimed Niko Korolog.

What's New

The update improves the app in many little ways:
- New look for the Earth. It has more punch than the last one.
- The video doesn't have any distortions. Previously if you moved around the video would start getting distorted.
- You can see the duration of the video and how long you've been watching it.

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