Daniel StringerReleased Sep 2017

Daniel StringerReleased Sep 2017


You wake up in a dark cell, a sinister voice tells you that you have only five minutes to escape! 

Find the clues and use them to get out of the cell before its to late! Don't be distracted by the patrolling guard, the distant screams or the taunts of your tormentor. Lets see how fast you can escape.

You can use room scale or teleport around the cell using the touch-pad. objects in the cell can be picked up and examined using the trigger. 

Please post your feedback so I can improve the game! This is the second release.

What's New

- Teleportation limited to cell area only (no more running away!)
- Enhanced audio levels
- Asynchronous loading during start sequence
- UI elements within world to assist the user should they need it.

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