Manastorm: Champions of G'nar
daggasoftReleased Nov 2016

daggasoftReleased Nov 2016


Manastorm is virtual reality, player vs player, spell casting game. It uses familiar game mechanics seen in magic card games and table top rpg games. Including cards, dice, sand timers, etc.

The player can spawn minions, cast spells to add buffs such as taunt, shield, charge etc. The player can also cast spells to use hero powers such a fire and ice beams.

As an alchemist the player exists in a room scale laboratory / battle station. The player will have to walk around between different crafting and playing tables, pick up and combine materials to create different enchantments and spells.

** This game is currently limited to a single player experience with a predefined deck of cards. The price of this game has been temporarily reduced until we release a version with a larger library of cards and multiplayer game play. 

If you buy the game now (thank you), understand that you will see new features unlocked over the coming months. You are showing your support for continued development of the game by purchasing a copy today! **

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