Hover Skate VR

Hyperlight StudiosReleased Mar 2017
Hyperlight StudiosReleased Mar 2017


Hover Skate is a physics based hoverboard simulator for VR. Use your hands to maneuver the hoverboard to pull off hundreds of various skateboarding tricks.

What's New

-Modularized Board Velocity Control and Flip Trick Systems - This will eventually allow for presets and different control modes.
-Trucks are now physics objects and can rotate similar to real trucks.
-Slightly Increase Left/Right max movement
-Grind acceleration: Grinding downward rails/ledges will now increase speed
-Added Continue button and hot keys after you bail. Still bugs when continuing inside of geometry I’ll address this next build.
-School has been greatly expanded.
-New Grip system - should allow for better movement of the front hand
-Added sparks for grinding on replays
-Added Oculus Controller and tooltips
-Updated replay controls for Oculus controller 
-Changed default Bindings for shoes: Your bindings might be messed up so be sure to reset them.
-Pass on Grind trick icons. This is still a WIP.
-Added Dragon Flips and Dolphin Flips
-Increased board spawner trigger size. Should help with spawning the board.

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