Konrad the Kitten - a virtual but real cat (Early access)

FusionPlayReleased Oct 2016
FusionPlayReleased Oct 2016


EARLY ACCESS – Game is in development but can already be played!
(See "status of the game" below)

You like cats and kittens? This is your chance to have a virtual kitten which feels like a real one! Konrad the Kitten transports your plush toys into the virtual world and creates the first virtual pet you can physically touch.

Konrad can be played in a traditional style by holding a Vive Controller in your Hand and picking up the virtual kitten. But the real magic happens when you play the game in “Plushie-Mode”: By fixing a Vive Controller on one of your plush toys, you bring this toy into virtual reality. The Vive then tracks your plush toy and replaces it with a cute kitten in the virtual world. This allows – for the first time – to not only see a virtual pet but also physically touch, lift, cuddle and play with it.

The whole game is controlled by lifting and moving the cat. In “Plushie-Mode”, there is even no need to push any button of any controller. This enables an unbelievable immersion in the cute virtual world. No matter how you play it, Konrad the Kitten provides a unique Tamagotchi-like VR experience that is all around caring and playing with the little kitten.

Every day when you look after Konrad, he has different needs and wishes. These can be sleeping in a box, drinking from a water bowl, playing with a ball, catching mice and more. By interacting with the corresponding objects, Konrad receives experience and unlocks new objects, minigames and areas. There is also a chance to start one of the 5 minigames to really get active and collect some Paw Coins. Be careful to not only focus on Konrad’s whishes but also to care for his needs. His health, education and love evolve depending on your play style. 

The game provides 5 different play areas: The kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, the forest and the beach. Each area contains several unique objects Konrad can use. Additionally, each area provides its own minigame that requires you to actively play with Konrad. Besides the playing areas, there is the Warp Zone (for switching between areas), the Shed (containing settings) and the Dress Room. In the Dress Room you can spend your earnt Paw Coins for different accessories like hats, glasses, necklaces, shirts, other fur types and more. (Enabled with the upcoming 0.5 update)
Konrad the Kitten is still in Early Access, this means it constantly evolves further until its full release in late Summer 2017.

What's New

* A new Kitten - more details, better textures, better 3d model, better animations, better everything!

* introducing coins as currency to purchase accessories
** can be collected via minigames NO IN-APP PURCHASE!

* Accessories for the kitten - The Dress Room
** New area to visit, that is half dress room, half shop
** More than 50 accessories available!
** Hats, glasses, clothes, necklaces, and more

* added Graphics Quality Settings (low, mid, high)

* Update to Unity version 5.6
* Mirrors in Bathroom now work (depens on Quality Settings)
* Fortune Wheel now plays a sound and has more randomness
* lots of minor enhancements

* Hearts & Coins no longer collected on spawning
* fixed a bug with water during fish minigame
* fixed a bug with "No Energy" hint 
* fixed a bug with "hold me like this" hint 
* fixed a bug in the Tea Party minigame 
* fixed collision detection in Parcours (Rings) Minigame 
* lots of minor bugfixes

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