Medicalholodeck Free
nooon.ioReleased Oct 2017

nooon.ioReleased Oct 2017


Enter the Medicalholodeck and work on CT and MRI scans in real 3D using Virtual and Augmented Reality glasses. Interact with 3D medical data, examine, teach, and study - in real time, in life size, in groups.

The software suite provides various tools to examine, work and alter medical body scans. Once entered Medicalholodeck you will intuitively see, understand and interact with the CT and MRI scans of real patients. 

You will experience medical scans as never before. The app can be used for surgery preparation, medical teaching, patient empowerment or even your company‘s healthcare marketing. 

What's New

NEW: Better Image Quality
NEW: Higher Framerates
NEW: New User Interface: now with 3 Filter layers for Skin, Blood Vessels and Bones

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