472 Jackson
Transparent HouseReleased Dec 2016

472 Jackson
472 Jackson
Transparent HouseReleased Dec 2016


The 472 Jackson experience captures the essence of a finely curated architectural space within the confines of a desktop computer. Unprecedented in the world of real estate, the 472 Jackson virtual tour provides real estate developers with the opportunity to display a truly walkable, 360-degree environment. International buyers get a first person viewing experience as the desktop navigation reaches a broad audience across the globe. 

This demo is a small sample of our work.   See more at www.transparenthouse.com

Users are able to interact and pick up the following objects with the trigger button:
- Sofa pillows
- Small objects on the low table
- Chairs
- Stool
- Turn on the TV

Teleporting is done by holding down on the trackpad button to display teleport destination, which can be moved around with the controller.  Release the button to teleport to the destination.

What's New

Updated to fix frame rate issues on some machines.

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