High Noon

OctoBox intReleased Apr 2017
OctoBox intReleased Apr 2017


There is a new sheriff in town! High Noon is a fun VR shooter that lets you try your hand at being the new sheriff of a small settlement somewhere in the Wild West.

But the town is not doing so hot. Hordes of bloodthirsty outlaws are terrorizing poor peaceful townsfolk and being a real pain in the neck. Your neck. So make ‘em dance! You are the Law. And the time has come for them to learn that once and for all.

Grab your favorite spurred boots and cowboy hat, load up your Colt, and saddle up — the town is waiting for its Sheriff!

1. Wild West setting;
2. Enemies with unique looks and behaviour, and always packing serious heat;
3. A large selection of weapons to meet your every need: from regular revolvers and rifles to unconventional harpoons and dynamite;
4. Elaborate designs based on the famous Wild West guns;
5. Stronger enemies and deadlier bosses with every level and new location — upgrade your arsenal and mow them down.
6. The game encourages stylish playthroughs (killing sprees, headshots, etc.) — the higher your skill, the better the reward.

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