Space Dream Demo
Space Dream VRReleased Jun 2017

Space Dream VRReleased Jun 2017


Space Dream is a Music Visualization experience available for Desktop and Virtual Reality.
It is an experience that immerses you in a stunning work of art, a celestial world that pulses with life.

Abandoning traditional gameplay for a purely aesthetic experience, Space Dream interfaces with your music; pulsating to frequencies of sound.

With miles of free roaming space exploration, indulge yourself in this visual masterpiece!

- Visualize the Music playing from any source on your computer
- Explore via Teleportation controls, or fly with Rocket Propelled Hands.
- In-game VR Music Browser
- Includes a full walkthrough tutorial
- Play with or without VR

- HTC Vive
- Oculus CV1
- Gamepad Controller
- Keyboard & Mouse
- Desktop Monitor

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What's New

Update 1.07 Changes ------------ 
- Completely Redesigned Menu System
- VR Controllers use Rocket Propulsion for flying movement
- Vastly improved performance and stability
- Tutorial now has an improved Female Voice
- Planet Rings are now made of thousands of real asteroids
- Game-breaking Xbox Controller bug fixed
- Added a Music Browser to Desktop Mode
- Improved Galaxy Tour
- Backspace button now works with Music Browser
- Controller thumbsticks are now digital instead of analogue
- Numerous bug fixes & visual improvements

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