Space Dream VR Demo

Space Dream VRReleased Jun 2017
Space Dream VRReleased Jun 2017


Space Dream VR is a Virtual Reality Music Visualizer that immerses you in a stunning work of art, a celestial world that vibrates with life.

Often described to be like a psychedelic drug trip, the Space Dream VR Demo interfaces with your music; matching the environment to the frequencies of sound.

With miles of free roaming space exploration, indulge yourself in this visual masterpiece!

- Automatically music detection & Visualization!
- In Game Music / Web Browser
- Teleportation & Free Fly Modes
- Introductory Tutorial
- Ultra-HD Textures on every surface
- Non-VR Desktop Mode

- HTC Vive
- Oculus CV1
- Gamepad Controller
- Keyboard & Mouse
- Desktop Monitor

If you have any questions or advice, please send feedback !

What's New

Update 1.06 Changes ------------ 
- VR Rotation now auto-aligns with where you face when changing areas.
- Improved torch
- Improved object collision
- Prevented rotation flickering
- Added Extra Teleportation sphere that takes the player to the galaxy.
- Minor artwork improvements such as adding more particles and improving textures.
- Fixed numerous Tutorial Bugs
- Fixed the ‘Switch to VR’ Button.
- Control Hints not showing after switched to Desktop

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