Virtual Concert
magicc71Released Jun 2016

Virtual Concert
Virtual Concert
magicc71Released Jun 2016


Do you ever dream that you can sing in front of many many audience?
Today, your dream will come true. 
Play this app and let your fans cheer for you..

What's New

* fix license check bug

* add license check. It will show license check result in the left-top corner

*add scene(click keyboard 1 or 2 to switch)
 * add traditional chinese and simplified chinese switch

*add woman model

Before open the game
* put song mp3 and lyrics in the "%HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%\VRVirtualConcertSongs" directory
* lyrics is not necessary. You can only put mp3 file 
* Audio file format should be mp3. The file extension name should also be mp3.
* lyrics file should be utf8. The file extension name should be txt. 
* mp3 and txt file name should be the identical if it's the same song

How to play
* press right/left in touchpad to switch song
* press up/down in touchpad to move lyrics 
* press up/down in touchpad and hold trigger to change lyrics font size

You can also see the instructions when you open this program

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