炫酷空间Released Dec 2017

炫酷空间Released Dec 2017


Guide language: the death scene is a wonderful FPS online game, some people who haven't played this game are asking, what's the best place for LWC? Will the players be crazy about it? If you look at the introduction, you will have a general understanding of LWC's legacy, and will also be shocked by its charm.
Introduction to game development:
"The scene of oblivion" is the first person shooter online game in VR, which extends the FPS play from the battle platform to the world of VR online games. In addition to FPS's game rhythm and instant strategy, "the land of oblivion" allows players to feel the new wilderness battle.
A player plays a summoner, choose your favorite site into the highlights of the game, it is a race between death and survival, this is a duel between armed with flesh and blood, go to the race, go running, to pursue victory belongs to you, the glory of the survival and the glory belongs to you!

What's New

1.Complete start scene UI
2.Cmplete fight scene
3.Fixed issues with GameOver Result 
4.The whole game optimization
5.Complete Fighting Music

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