Magnificent Ships: Volume 1
VROOM.spaceReleased Dec 2016

VROOM.spaceReleased Dec 2016


Model ship lovers rejoice! This is a collection of six finely-detailed vessels for viewing at both room- and full-scale with an HTC Vive VR headset. You can stroll along their decks or pick them up for a closer look. Models are displayed on a beautifully-rendered ocean with a dynamic day/night cycle that you can control. Each ship includes an "action" event, whereby mighty cannons fire, ship horns bellow, or the submarine dives. Only exteriors of ships are modelled, as the high level of detail is already pushing system requirements to their limits. 

Included Ships: 
- Zumwalt class destroyer: USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) 
- Iowa class battleship: USS Iowa (BB-61) 
- Seawolf class submarine: USS Jimmy Carter (SSN-23) 
- Ocean liner: RMS Queen Mary
- English "race built" galleon: The Mermaid (fictional)
- Crude oil tanker: ABQAIQ

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