PoltergamesReleased May 2017
PoltergamesReleased May 2017


Want to work for a company like no other? Get a job at the factories of Death Trap Inc! Use your brains to solve puzzles and save the robots Alice, Bob, Clark, Dennis and Ernest from certain doom. Remote-control the numerous deadly products of the company with your Vive remote, leading your robotic co-workers to the finish line. Drive to the different levels in your monorail-cubicle, earn promotions, and be rewarded with coffee mugs and bobbleheads for your desk. Can you save them all and become "employee of the year"?

- Detailed and unique game world
- 16 challenging levels
- Copious rewards for your desk
- Drive around in your monorail office (or switch off the movement if you get motion sick easily)
- Text and voices in English and German

NEW: 4 completely new levels are currently in the works, and will be released later this year.

What's New

Added Destruction Department with 4 new levels.

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