VRobot: VR Giant Robot Destruction Simulator [Early Access]
Luden.ioReleased Nov 2017

Luden.ioReleased Nov 2017


VRobot is an action game designed for VR about a giant robot smashing сities using unique weapons or bare hands. Lightning Hammer, Transformer Sword, Tornado Gun, Tractor Beam - we got all that!

- Destroy buildings, throw buildings, crumble buildings onto other buildings... and even skyscrapers, and even townhouses;
- Catch planes, sink tankers, throw cars, toss things out into a sea of malicious robots;
- Shake the virtual reality with mighty robot fists;
- Tear down cities using tornadoes released from the Tornado Maker;
- Arming Tractor Beam lets you pull and shoot everything in a row with terrifying force and speed;
- Get the Transformer's Sword and chop, slice and dice everything;
- Knock out the interfering SuperRobot 3000;
- Do it all in different cities with unique and familiar buildings.
- The SCORE and TARGETS system will help you develop the talent of the destroyer and improve the skill of controlling the robot.

We remind you: there is a TORNADO-SHOOTING GUN!

And all this is already in early access. What will be next?! You decide! We are grateful to the community of players who are helping us develop the game! To join in, click the follow button and vote for new features here https://trello.com/b/h9y2lIHM/

What's New

New weapon - hammer!
To celebrate "Thor: Ragnarok" upcoming release, we've prepared a new type of weapon for you - the Hammer!
- It works like a real hammer - the larger the swing, the more powerful the blow;
- The Hammer can be used not only as a melee weapon but also as a throwing one. At the same time, the stronger the swing, the farther and faster the Hammer will fly; 
- The Hammer can be charged up with lightning - just hold it over your head. The hit of a charged Hammer is pretty impressive;

What is more, it returns back to your hands like a boomerang, to wherever part of the city you've moved to.

Well, talk is cheap, better try it out yourself! The Hammer can be used in "08", "Trurl" cities.

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