Artist's studio Utrillo Valadon in Montmartre, Paris
ArforiaReleased Dec 2016

ArforiaReleased Dec 2016


Hello and welcome to the Montmartre Museum !
Before becoming a Museum, 12 rue CORTOT, was home to numerous artists. The most famous of whom was Pierre Auguste RENOIR. You discover here in VR a reconstruction of Suzanne VALADON and Maurice UTRILLO’s workshop, two famous french painters.
It is in this location full of history that we invite you to relive Montmartre’s greatest moments.

What's New

With the headset HTC Vive, the virtual museum of French painters Maurice Utrillo and Suzanne Valadon allows the user to see paintings in 3D, to access a TV documentary on these painters already broadcasted on TV, and be immersed in the artist's studio in Montmartre.

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