Hadar J SilvermanReleased Jul 2016
Hadar J SilvermanReleased Jul 2016


MageWorks is a mage simulation combat and crafting game. Players flip through their spellbooks and use their staff to cast the spells. Travel to distant lands discovering new spells and enemies. 

Spellbooks can be customized! With a unique bookmarking system, players can bookmark their favorite spells which places that spell into a custom spellbook. Using these bookmarks, players can tune their spellbooks to best fit their play-style and select magic that is suitable for different environment types. 

Players can also customize their staff! By collecting wood, crystals and flowers in the wild, mages can create ink to draw their designs, carve and shape wood, and grind crystals to create a unique staff. The staff you create can also be 3D printed so you can bring a part of your game into reality!

MageWorks is an Early Access title that is constantly evolving and actively integrates player feedback.

What's New

*Players can now save up to 10 different staff designs!
*Fixed a bug where the custom spellbook's last three pages wouldn't work. 
*Fixed a bug where cutting wood ends would use all collected lumber.  Now it just consumes 1 piece of wood. 

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