VRider, Inc.Released Jun 2017

VRider, Inc.Released Jun 2017

Description is a room-scale Personal Virtual Environment. Explore and pick your spot in the virtual world and customize your space using's virtual toolbox.

- Multi-Desktop Streaming (Supports 2 or more desktops)
- Desktop Stream Cropping (Cut out a section of your desktop like the taskbar, a minimap in a game, or your crosshair in an fps for a zoomed in view!)
- 19 Environments, including both small and large fully explore-able environments(cinema, room, and night gaming come with dynamic screen lighting).
- VR Web Browser (Add interact-able browsers into your VR space, play video or view websites)
- In app virtual keyboard for typing in the browser or desktop
- 4k Video support and 360 Video
- Import Images to use as wallpapers, including images with transparency.
- Drawing tools including 4 draw-able surfaces(Whiteboard, Blackboard, Transparent Board, and sticky notes)
- Add customize-able lights to your environment, change the color, range and intensity.
- Includes a text file viewer
- Anti-aliasing and Super-sampling configurations available

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