蓝鳍鱼Released Jan 2017

蓝鳍鱼Released Jan 2017


Dawn, which is also called Dawn Team, is an elite team whose members are selected from multinational elite special forces. It aims at joint anti-terrorism. The player as a team member penetrates deeply into the Middle East, Western Asia, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, etc. and carries out counter-terrorism missions with teammates. There are several types of tasks, such as hostage rescue, armed assault, sneak assassination and so on, to be performed by the player.
*Highly realistic shooting experience
*Various carriers available for control
*Various guns available for choice
*Optional positions in each mission
*Multiplayer game mode

What's New

Hello players,
DAWM has successfully been issued on steam. What you see is the presale version of DAWN. We only provide two functions at present, training and site-specific shooting, and other levels and modes are still in debugging. We believe that more contents will be issued in the near future.
Thank you for your supports again! If there is any suggestion or advice, please leave us a comment.

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