LyraVR - Early Access

LyraVRReleased Jun 2017
LyraVRReleased Jun 2017


Built from the ground up for VR, LyraVR is a music creation application that offers everyone from the casual user to the most ardent musician the chance to create and enjoy incredible music sequences in full room-scale VR.

Completely immerse yourself in the music, and interact with your compositions like never before. Sculpt breathtaking musical sequences and share your visual symphony with friends, fans or collaborators. Perform your creations in real-time and pioneer a radical new form of sound art.

-Visualize and interact with the music in full room-scale VR.
-Compose in 3-D space by placing sounds around you. 
-Connect instrument nodes together to create musical sequences.
-Virtual instrument controllers: keyboard, drum-pads and auto player.
-Import your personal audio samples for fully customized tunes.
-Save, record and export your compositions.

Designed by musicians for anyone with an interest in music, LyraVR is revolutionizing the digital soundscape through a fresh, cutting-edge approach to creating, sharing and performing music in VR.

What's New

Shortcut interactions (quick actions)*
Bugfix: volume information not copied correctly when using the clone tool
Localization: improved German translation

* Quick actions aim to remove some friction from the creation process by providing faster methods for some of the most often used editing functions. When using quick actions, there is no need to change a mallet's tool mode - instead, quick actions work when both mallets are in move mode.

Clone: while holding a node with one mallet, bring the other mallet to the node and pull the trigger to create a clone of the original node 

Adjust pitch: when grabbing two nodes that are not linked together with each of the controllers, a pitch icon appears above the node that was grabbed first. Adjust the pitch on the node that was grabbed second by touching it to the pitch icon 

Link: when grabbing two nodes that are not linked together with each of the controllers, arrows will appear pointing from the node that wa

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