LyraVR - Early Access
LyraVRReleased Jun 2017

LyraVRReleased Jun 2017


Built from the ground up for VR, LyraVR is a music creation application that offers everyone from the casual user to the most ardent musician the chance to create and enjoy incredible music sequences in full room-scale VR.

Completely immerse yourself in the music, and interact with your compositions like never before. Sculpt breathtaking musical sequences and share your visual symphony with friends, fans or collaborators. Perform your creations in real-time and pioneer a radical new form of sound art.

-Visualize and interact with the music in full room-scale VR.
-Compose in 3-D space by placing sounds around you. 
-Connect instrument nodes together to create musical sequences.
-Virtual instrument controllers: keyboard, drum-pads and auto player.
-Import your personal audio samples for fully customized tunes.
-Save, record and export your compositions.

Designed by musicians for anyone with an interest in music, LyraVR is revolutionizing the digital soundscape through a fresh, cutting-edge approach to creating, sharing and performing music in VR.

What's New

note labels*
bugfix: songs with links going in both directions between the same note pair would not open since we disallowed this in the last update
minor performance optimization (object pooling on progress links)

* We've added the option to display the note name of the node's current pitch. Colors associated with the note names are slightly adapted from the Scriabin color wheel. Find the options for displaying note labels in the settings menu under the general tab. The options are off, always on, or on trigger (ie. when the node is struck or triggered by a link).

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